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My $1000 Project Progress

Throughout the years + why the handbags?

People frequently ask me how the $1000 project has evolved throughout the years. So, I compiled all my $1000 project entries into one page! Each round, represents a specific time period – with round 1 being the earliest. Discover how my techniques have changed, which strategies have remained, and how I overcame struggles with manifesting and saving extra $$$.

Fun Fact:  Finance is widely considered a ‘boring’ topic, so I used glamorous handbags as a thumbnail to ‘lure’ people into reading about investing! I wanted readers to comb through the article in an attempt to find the handbag mention – but the catch? The articles weren’t about handbags!  Although there was a powerful message I was sending: investing can create financial freedom and with that you can purchase things you want – such as handbags.

Holding Shot Photography Credit:  Hajin Jang. Instagram @josephjanghajin

Round 5

Round 4

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Round 1

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