A Comedian,Chocolate Cake & Budgeting!

What do you get when you mix a comedian, chocolate cake and a financial planner? A hilarious how-to budget guide!

I’m used to people telling me that finance is intimidating or a downright snooze fest. I get it: boring numbers and complex jargon can make managing your finances seem like a chore. So when iSelect asked me to prepare a guide on how to save money, I knew I wanted to strip away the numbers and sprinkle some entertainment in. 

I absolutely loved working with comedian, Tanya Hennessy, on this campaign! She infused so much laughter into a video about BUDGETING! Who knew? Tanya is an entrepreneur and works in the gig-economy, so a budget is crucial to staying on top of her finances. Tanya is known for her famous Malteser cake, so I thought comparing budgeting to eating a chocolate cake would make the experience more accessible & amusing!

I used the analogy of a chocolate cake (symbolising your after-tax income), with each individual slices representing budget allocation for specific expenses. Although I used up all the slices of the chocolate cake (ie: there’s no money left over!), I was  demonstrating an important lesson: writing a budget activates effective cashflow allocation! 

When you do a budget, you breakdown all your expenses by category. The reality can be confronting, but when you add it all up, you can really see which areas you need to reduce your expenses. You are encouraged to find avenues to free up/build more money; whether that’s by finding better deals, being a more effective saver or even finding some extra side hustles.

Budgeting isn’t about depriving yourself of fun – you can still leave room for some splurges + treats. It’s about being more efficient with your money, within a responsible boundary! When you reflect back , those short term ‘pleasurable’ expenses you forwent, helped pave the way for achieving long-term goals.

Watch the video below for some giggles and financial wisdom. xCC

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