Athena First Off The Mark & Sharing The Savings

Now has never been a more important time to know your interest rate on your home loan and if your provider is passing any cuts your way. This is particularly important with the RBA cutting the cash rate just this week by another 25 basis points and only a handful of loan providers actually passing the cut onto their customers. One of whom was Athena Home Loans.

Athena Home Loans not only passed the full 0.25% cut to their new and existing customers for the third time in a row, they actually were the first to do so and announced this within a few minutes of the RBA making their own announcement. Even the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has given Athena a shout out for quickly passing on rates.

By passing on interest rate cuts in its entirety and at lightning speed, all of Athena’s new and existing customers immediately benefit with their rates now dropping as low as 2.84% p.a. which in turn helps customers pay their home loans off even faster by saving them time and money. This rings authentically true to Athena’s message which is “we’ll give you a great home loan, then help you get rid of it. “.

Athena has saved their customers over $23 million, just by passing all three interest rate cuts immediately. Since launching in only February this year, Athena has saved their customers over $70 million in total. This quite possibly makes Athena Home Loans one of the most competitive and best value home loan providers in the market. And this is on top of their lack of fees, fee-free extra repayments and redraw facility. I am yet to see anything better than Athena.

So if you want to be swimming in savings and paying off your home loan faster, it is definitely time to look at; what interest rate you are paying and what rate cuts you are getting. If you aren’t happy, it is time to start shopping around with your first stop being loan providers who love sharing the savings. You will find me doing the same.


This post is proudly sponsored by Athena Home Loans. 

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