An Intentionally Successful 2018

It is coming to that time when we can feel the end of the year approaching and hear the champagne corks popping over late afternoon celebrations with family and friends. We look back at what we have accomplished over the last 12 months and may even get a spark of inspiration and motivation as to what the year ahead of us holds. It is an exciting time, but also a very powerful time to start planting the seeds to create an even better year ahead of us, perhaps our best year ever is going to be in 2018…

Often on my Youtube channel, I get asked how to set great financial goals that will really count, can be achieved easily and really make a difference to our financial future. One key requirement before you set those goals is understanding what is important to you. This allows you to set more meaningful goals that will super charge you with powerful and conscious intention, which then allows you to operate from your highest and happiest self. Taking the time and care to do this before you embark on your financial goals (or any other type of goal) will create that internal shift, where you are far less likely to fall off the band wagon, get distracted, or lose motivation. This is what will make your 2018 better and more successful.

So here are my steps to follow for an incredible 2018….


  1. Set Your Intention 

First think about what you dream about, what you fantasise about and wish for….no credit debt? No student loans? A deposit for a home? An investment portfolio? Passive income? A holiday?  This insight helps you understand more as to what you stand for and yearn for. It doesn’t matter what it is, it simply needs to spark something within you to make you feel energised, alive, inspired and good about yourself. Then you need to set that as your intention, which is your goal. But make sure that you understand what it is about that goal that resonates with you so much (for example if you goal is to buy a home, maybe the feeling that you are chasing is security, freedom, pride). Knowing the feeling that comes from achieving this goal will help keep you focused and minimise distraction.

Then ask yourself what characteristics do you need to live by to achieve that goal…self disciplined, organised, confident etc. Work on bringing forward these characteristics from within yourself, strengthening them so that you can go forward in your goal progress and accomplishment. Do this everyday so that the actions behind those goals are automatic, seamless and imbedded within you. Having a strong intention will allow you to stay focused, make better choices, enjoy the journey as you get closer to achieving your goal and most importantly keep you firmly placed as the Capitan of your ship for 2018.


2. Set Your Intentional Goals

Okay so you are bubbling with energy and excitement because you now get why your goal is so important to you, the benefits that it is going to bring and the characteristics that you need to possess. Now we need to get specific on those goals.

As with any goal, make sure that it is specific. It should have an amount, deadline and lead back to the intention. for example, “Save $30,000 by the 1st of December 2018 for the deposit on my first property”. It should be simple and straight to the point so that it cannot be forgotten or become overwhelming. Also, try not to bombard yourself with too many goals otherwise you run the risk of spreading yourself too thinly. Perhaps work at mastering 1-2 goals, and then consider upping the ante once you realise how capable and powerful you are.


3. Intentionally Brainstorm

Teach yourself to open your mind to ways of achieving your goal. Don’t restrict or confine yourself to your current situation. Think outside the box. Your goal may be to save a certain amount of money, but don’t make that goal too reliant on making money just from your 9-5 job…look at other things that you can do to save and earn money that you can put towards your financial goal. When I did The $1,000 Project, where I saved $36,000 over 13 months, I did all sorts of weird and wonderful things to make money which were out of the restrictions of my salary. In fact, you may want to do The $1,000 Project for yourself to help achieve your financial goals.


4. Intentional Action

Game time – your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be positively aligned. Having a goal to get out of credit card debt but then feeling sorry for yourself, and wondering around the shopping centres is not positively aligned. Accept that big goals need big commitment. Feel excited about your goal, read it or rewrite your goals every day (if not twice a day) and spend your time studying your goal, researching your goal, reminding yourself why it is so important to you and how good it feels right now that every little step forward is taking your closer and closer. Try and do even one little thing every day which takes you closer to the achievement of that goal. Even if it means transferring $1 onto your credit card debt… it doesn’t matter because that $1 represents progress… action helps manifestation.


5. Check In Intentionally

Make sure that you check in with yourself and with your financial goals regularly. What is working? What progress can you see? How are you feeling about your goals? Make sure that you committed to that goal but don’t be afraid to adjust the goal or action plan if you need to, as long as it still represents progress to you. We all come across obstacles, challenges and even brick walls. The trick is to rise above challenges and keep trying, moving and progressing…even if it is only small. Because each small little step takes you a little bit closer to achieving your goal.


One of the key ingredients to happiness is the feeling of progression. It makes us feel worthy, it gives us a purpose, a value system to navigate by and best of all inspires others around us. So use this time now to plant the seeds on intention, so that 2018 is your most amazing year full of great financial accomplishments…






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