A Welder’s Wife No Spend Challenge

Hello! My name is Erin Tannehill. I am the founder of A Welder’s Wife. My biggest passion in life is to share how living simple can transform your life and open doors that may not be possible otherwise. I am a big dreamer, because my parents taught me that I can be anything I want to be in life, as long as I work for it. However, it was not until recently that I started transitioning my dreams into goals.

My husband and I purchased our first home in 2013. We hoped this home would be the perfect place to start a family, but all it did was accumulate things. These things included projects I had good intentions of completing, backups of things that may or may not break one day, etc. Our 1,400+ square foot home was a storage space of what may happen.

In 2015, our hearts started to gravitate towards making a big step towards our dream of owning land. We were tired of living with good intentions, and wanted to start living purposefully. With this change of heart, my idea of living with so many possessions really took a toll on my mental health. So, I did as anyone else would do. I started decluttering, which was great because my husband and I found a piece of land to purchase, and it did not include a house!

We have always dreamed of building a home, but knew that was not in the cards at this point and time. After several discussions and financial evaluations, we decided to use the equity from selling our home to build a shop with a temporary living space of 600 square foot. Our goal of building a home on this property is priority, so we knew building this shop would set us up for success, compared to our other options.

We planned a five-year plan, so storing anything that did not fit into this space was not an option. I knew we had to declutter our lives as much as possible, so I got to work. During this journey, A Welder’s Wife was born. I wanted to have an online journal to document my journey, and soon noticed a small following. At that point, I decided to shift my focus to not only share my journey, but also inspire others to do the same.

Since starting my minimalism journey, my husband and I started a small farm, grow a good bit of our own food, and work hard towards our goals. We have always dreamed of living a simple life, and by living as minimalists, we are reaping the benefits that associate with it. I could not imagine living life another way than I do now. Having a clutter-free home and an increase in my mental health allows me to do and be much more than the person I was before now.

One of the most recent things that is happening in A Welder’s Wife community is a collaboration between Canna, 15 financial bloggers, and myself is a No Spend Challenge. It will begin on August 1, 2017 on my Instagram. We will all be sharing budgeting tips on how to save, which investments are worth investing, and how to take control of your money instead of letting it control you. When you simplify your budget, great things happen! To join this challenge, just be sure you are following my Instagram.

Bio – Erin lives in Arkansas with her husband, Jonathan, and their two fur babies. She is the founder and author of A Welder’s Wife. Her passion is to share the positive impact living a simple lifestyle can have on your life. Follow her for inspiration, motivation, and ideas to living a simpler life.

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