A “Crappy” Reminder To Adjust Your Emergency Number

This week the universe sent me a delightful reminder to review the amount of money that we have for emergencies and make sure it is always enough and reflects your evolving situation and risks. You never know what unexpected crisis might swirl your way.

Sofia’s heart is sadly starting to slow down and her stomach and lungs are filling up with fluid. We have a big decision ahead of us but in the meantime, regular trips to the vet, new medication and lots of love and comfort is keeping her happy and pain free — which is the most important thing to us. 

One of the side effects of Sofia’s new medication is incontinence, which the carpets inside our home have worn the consequences of! Tom came up with a brilliant idea to put a nappy on Sofia (with a cute little hole for her tail) to help limit the leakage and damage to our home. The vets agreed with this idea and she appears to find it surprisingly comfortable, although Apple looks confused as they share nappies now. 

After attempting to clean up Sofia’s mess, Apple dramatically poured a berry smoothie all over our new rug! Yes, the chaos just doubled. The stains were stubborn and the smell seemed to linger profusely. After I realised my own frugal DIY carpet cleaning attempts were not going to cut it, I decided to bite the bullet and call in a professional carpet cleaner (the highly recommended George). 

$375 later, and within 45 minutes of George leaving, (and he did an amazing job), we were met with another wave of bad luck. Whilst grabbing a nappy for Apple, she spontaneously ran across the room and pooped all over the carpet in her bedroom and amazingly, the curtains too — it was a firework show. And to be honest, this is not the first time the curtains have been “decorated” by Apple. 

The freshly cleaned (and might I add still wet) carpet had fresh poo stamped into it, with a matching new irate style patterned curtain stain. I sat on the wet carpet, trying to rectify the mess, when Tom yelled from downstairs in horror. Walking down, thinking my afternoon couldn’t get any worse, Tom showed me Sofia’s fresh vomit, all over our professionally cleaned rug. Then, as Tom went outside for some fresh air, he steps in dog poo and our backdoor suddenly breaks off. Now we need a handyman to pop over….more $$$ out of our emergency account. As the cherry on top of this week, I also broke my tooth and had a hefty dental bill to quickly repair it. 

When we are dealt with difficult situations, sometimes the best thing to do is find the humour amidst the challenges. Despite the unexpected bills, compounding housework and some would say, ‘wasted’ expenses on cleaning, I simply let out a laugh. And laughed with Tom. The situation was trying, but in ten years time it will be nothing more than a hilarious story you can share over dinner! In the midst of trying situations, ask yourself: will this matter in 3 months time, 3 years time or even 15 years time? If not, find the moments of hilarity to brighten up your day! 

But aside from the humour, there was also an important lesson: you never know what life may throw at you, (or your carpets), so it’s important to keep building your emergency money, beyond your ‘expected’ expenses and roll with the punches with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the comfort and security the right and wise amount of emergency money can give you – including being able to see the funny side of life. 


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