5 Life Hacks From SugarMamma

Life is busy, we tend to rush a lot, we are hard on ourselves, feel guilty and when we do something nice for ourselves, we can be left feeling guilty. But instead of focusing our attention on how hard life can be, I want to focus on ideas, solutions and considering different perspectives as to how we can make life a little easier for ourselves. So here are my personal top 5 personal life hacks…

  1. Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late – Early riser or night owl? It doesn’t matter, but using those quiet, peaceful times to efficiently power through chores/deadlines/projects will help give you not only time back during your day but also mean that you can enjoy your days a little more without rushing as much. Personally I am an early riser, I don’t do it every day, but I love the routine. Before most people have opened their eyes, I have meditated, cleared my emails, looked at my goals and if it is a Monday, I have usually had a good walk and dip down at Bondi beach with Giuseppe (Winter months included). Try it for yourself for 1 week…you will love the new efficiency.
  2. You first – When we prioritise ourselves first and what we need to fill our own cup, we are then relaxed/recharged/happy/calm/in control to be, do, have, go, get what the people who we love the most and our important in our lives need from us. This is hard to do, (especially for people looking after little ones) but when you try it, you feel so much stronger. I used to rush like a mad women to pick Rocco up, rush home with him to walk the dogs, manically try and cook dinner/feed dogs/tidy and do the whole bed and bath. I would be short tempered, frustrated and worst, not present. I changed a few things up, I made sure that I had exercised before picking Rocco up, I came home before picking Rocco up, walked the dogs and tidied the house, and sometimes even throw something in the oven before picking him up. Turning up to daycare became a whole other experience, I could now calmly turn up to greet him, I could chat to his teachers, I could even go and do something fun with him before heading home. As a result I got less tantrums, more quality time with Rocco, the dogs got their one on one time with me and Rocco and I could calmly cook the remainder of the dinner together. Guilt evaporated.
  3. Pre-portioned Meal Service – Coming back to my time poor comments, one thing that makes a massive difference in the stress levels is knowing that I have the food that I need to cook dinner that night. I can be lazy and go with unhealthy quick options as I am too tired to fight the throw down. But this benefits no one and definitely does not keep my cup full. I have been using Marley Spoon for a few years now and not only does it save me so much time (no driving to the supermarket, no scrambles to find a parking spot, no trolleys, no brain freezes as to what to cook for dinner tonight,) but it is healthy, delicious and such great value. I get 3 meals, each serves two people and costs $70 per week. When I head to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for tonight, I average $35…at least…not to mention the risk of my “interesting” cooking skills. You can actually try Marley Spoon for yourself and get $35 off your first box, using this code SUGARMAMMA35.
  4. Tidy House, Tidy Calm Mind – A tidy house has a calm, welcoming, nurturing and recharging energy about it. I can’t think straight, get inspired, motivated or even feel calm with mess around me….actually I turn into an irratiable and unpleasant person when my home is a mess.  Taking 10 minutes to tidy the house before you go to bed each night will make a huge difference to your headspace when you wake up. And when things are at least tidy, I can turn a blind eye to the dirt. But when things are tidy, cleaning that dirt only takes a fraction of time.
  5. Mindful of Media – I am actually not going to tell you to get off your phones or other electronic devices, I am going to just suggest that what or who you do chose to watch/follow/ subscribe to is only things that make you feel inspired, connected, and recharged and maybe even motivated. If watching the Kardashians on TV at night makes you laugh, feel inspired or even educated, then that is fine. The same goes for who you follow on social media…switch and replace the people and brands that inspire you to have a more meaningful life. That way spending time looking through Instagram actually serves you, not drains your time.
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