3 Hacks To Stop Procrastinating And Start Achieving!

The day to day can be filled with many curve balls, particularly when we are occupied with our career, education, and life’s other responsibilities –  it may seem impossible to fit all your needs into a manageable weekly schedule. Everyone has likely had the displeasure of confronting an overwhelming task that was put off for weeks on end, only for it to be complete within twenty meagre minutes! Here are some of my personal strategies to reduce stress and establish a sense of control in your life, so you can create more time in your schedule to focus on what is truly important to you.

1. Use a tasks or reminder application to organise your list of to-do’s and get a grasp of what is already complete for the day.

I use the iPhone’s built-in Reminders application for a digital cheat-sheet of what responsibilities I have on my plate, whether it is for personal health, work, or school. There is a convenient widget that can display fully personalised and colour-coded lists,
allowing the user to switch between them seamlessly. It is so satisfying to check off each task throughout the busy day and see them disappear (but don’t worry, they are simply hidden under the tab “completed tasks,” and can be added back at any time for recurring duties and chores)!

2. Be sure to complete any overdue tasks if you have a free day approaching.

There is nothing more tragic than spending your only unoccupied day of the week tidying up the house or completing last minute errands. If you are able to balance these tasks while managing the other important responsibilities in your life, you will be able to enjoy your days off and relax in a clean, tidy space instead of piling more work onto the end of your busy week. It can be overwhelming to juggle a full workload along with all the duties of a household, but breaking these tasks down into smaller, manageable steps as you go, can relieve much of the pressure and allows you to see your progress much faster!

3. It’s okay to splurge on necessary expenses that help break down the stressors in your life.

At times, one can drown in guilt over spending a bit more than usual on a particularly expensive commodity, but it is crucial to our wellbeing (and our pocketbooks) that we constantly evaluate our needs and ensure that they are being met before anything else. To begin with, it is important to differentiate, first, what is a need versus a want and ask ourselves what products and luxuries truly benefit our health and lives. This way, we clear up any doubt or fear about what products or services we invest in, and only accept what genuinely serves us. As we envision what life we want to create for ourselves, we must negotiate what has earned a durable place in our lives and what we can absolutely live without.

As we constantly grow and change throughout our lives, we must remind ourselves that
stress and anxiety do not have to be never-ending states of being. Instead, consider these emotions as avenues to recalibrate and focus on what you can control – replacing feelings of conflict with solutions to progress. While it can certainly be a challenge to find your perfect.

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