3 Hacks to Score the BEST Online Deals & Save Money!

Convenience is a decisive factor in why online shopping has surged in popularity, but did you know it’s an excellent way to save money too? With these savvy financial hacks, you will find more cash in the back of your pockets when making your ecommerce purchase. 

  1. Automatically find the best deals
    It’s easy to have decision fatigue when faced with so many purchase options on the internet! But, finding the best price doesn’t have to be time consuming. While you can browse different platforms and third party users to compare the prices, there is actually an easier method. 

You can download browser extensions that automatically adds the best coupon codes to your shopping card. Consider websites like Honey and Karma Now for this purpose. 

The Klarna app also provides immediate price drop notifications of any products you have saved onto your wishlist.That way, you don’t have to go rummaging for the best prices in every dusty corner of the web, it’s delivered right to you! 

  1. Sign up as a frequent shopper and subscribe to emails:

Brands send out promotional emails and notify you of sales upcoming or current and give out discounts for those subscribed.  If you often shop a retailer, this is a great way to earn rewards and get the best deals from the supplier that you love! Remember to sign up for their loyalty programs too, because when you accrue a certain amount of points you can score discounts and freebies.

Also, look at the bottom/back of receipts from supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles. There are always excellent savings and deals advertised, so don’t just throw them away!

  1. Earn cash back through 3rd parties

You can earn commission on your own shopping. Websites like Cash Rewards, Retail Me Not and Swagbucks will give you cash back for your purchase of varying amounts depending on which website.  Think of it as being paid to shop, or scoring regular discounts on items (since you’re getting a portion of the money returned)!

Always be mindful when making purchases.  While these are effective ways to save while spending, it is always a good idea to budget your spending and have the discipline to stick to it.  A tip to decrease impulsive online shopping is to not save your card information, forcing yourself to input your address and number every time. This gives you more time to think! 

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