My First $1000 for Round 5 of The $1000 Project

My First $1000 for Round 5 of The $1000 Project

Round 5 of The $1000 Project officially started on The International of The Girl (the 11th of October 2019) and as motivated as I was…I was slow off the mark..breaking one of my key rules for success for The $1000 Project.

In my previous rounds, I have always hit the ground running with a hot list of ideas and inspiration to get working on my first $1000 straight away, helping ensure that I waste no time at all. Which is one of my top 5 recommendations to super charge yourself for success with The $1000 Project. Considering Apple was only just 2 months old, I am going to forgive myself and put it down exhaustion.

Nonethelss, I also really believe in not wasting time berating yourself, but learning the lesson, and then getting on with it. Which is also why I firmly believe, when you put your head, heart and mind to it and have a goal that ignites serious passion and excitement, that lost time can not only be recovered, but you can even exceed your goal and personal exceptions.

I can proudly say that I have just invested my first $1000. The money came from a combination of activities and windfalls and are listed below for your own inspiration and hot hustling list creation. The money was invested into a Listed Investment Company, where the estimated $50 p.a. in dividends will be reinvested automatically each year. 

Where my first $1000 came from…

$535 – dividend previously collected that didn’t have automatic reinvestment plans available

$150 – Market Research

$80 – Frugals weekends (one of the benefits to having a newborn is you are too tired to go out on the weekend!)

$10 – Woolworths Reward Savings

$30 – Lunch savings by taking my home made lunch to work

$70 – More frugal weekend savings

$35 – lunch savings

$90 – using coupon codes when shopping online 

I also have my Cashrewards account which I use when shopping online, so far I have just over $300 in it, I will wait until it hits $1000 before withdrawing and investing it.

As soon as I purchased the first parcels of shares using this $1000, I felt a huge rush of excitement and inspiration to try and get together my next $1000 as quickly as possible. Fortunately I remembered that I have some outstanding invoices for weekend work which I need to chase, so this will be my focus for the next $1000.

Let me know if you have any ideas to help me hustle, save and earn some extra cash! And of course Frugal February is approaching and I would love for you to join me in this annual money challenge. 


*Photography Credit: Hajin Jang. Instagram @josephjanghajin
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