10 Ways To Help You Declutter!

Life is full of stuff, in our minds, in our homes, in our relationships, in all parts of life. Clutter forms one of the greatest stresses for people in this modern world and it can be helped by you. Take a look around your house right now and add up how much money is just mindlessly sitting there. You will be surprised with the amount!

Our daily activities are filled with consumerist ‘how can I get that?’ mentality. Not too many people actually sit back and think about the impact that purchase will have on their mindset, their finances, their relationship and ultimately is there house. Ask yourself these questions next time you start your decluttering journey:

1. If you were at the store would you buy this again?
You start to declutter your office and see a bookshelf that has hardly anything on it and you do not even like the colour, would you buy it again? Look around and really think about the objects in your house and if you like them..
2. When will you use it again?

Let’s be honest, that yoga mat and dumbbell you bought last summer because you wanted to try…but life has got in the way and you have not picked up since..Will you?

3 Have you worn or used that item in the last year?

I know you bought the nutribullet because you were dying to start living healthier and drink smoothies… but in reality it has sat on your bench for the first 6 months with some hope and then it got pushed to the back of the cupboard, as you did not want that daily reminder.  

4. Are you keeping an item because you think you should use it?

We have all been down this path; a friend recommends a great new hair straightener, you buy it and you always think to yourself ‘I should use that next time I go to a party’, when in reality, most of your nights are spent at home with the kids.

5. Does the item still fit me?

Yes I know, you are keeping that dress because it is your favourite and when you loose that 5kg you will wear it again. But honestly it is causing you stress every time you open your cupboard. You see it as a constant reminder that you do not feel good about yourself.

6. Are you saving this item for a rainy day?

We all have these items, I might just need that massive winter ski jacket for when I go back to the snow, however that is not even on the agenda for the next 5 years, or that compressor in the shed because you used to spray paint cars when you were in your early 20’s, but now it just sits there collecting dust.

7. Would you rather get a new version?

Life is continually moving forward at an ever increasing pace. You buy an iPhone and before you leave the store, the next one is being released (slight exaggeration…maybe 2 weeks later). The car you drive around in now comes with electronic windows and heated seats and you feel deflated because your car does not have this.

8. Is the item broken?

I can guarantee you that you will be keeping something that is broken, just because?? I know, I was keeping a remote control car of my son’s, because he loved it and I did not want to have him part with it, but it did not work and that was no benefit to anyone. 

9. Do you have duplicates of this item?
Yes and yes. People seem to think that owning 3 garlic presses is worth while or having 3 toothpastes lined up in the bathroom cupboard. Having duplicates of anything is unneeded and a waste of space.
10. Are you only worried about wasting money?

I can honestly tell you , that the wastage of money came, when you bought the product, not now when you are decluttering. Having an item sit in your house, collecting dust and not being used, actually costs you more money in the long run then the actual task of decluttering. It costs you – your time, cleaning it and it takes up space. It costs you mental energy every time your have to think about it.

Decluttering is a journey not a marathon, so ease yourself into it. Start with these simple steps and you will reap the benefits.

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