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Canna is a financial planner, YouTube personality on SugarMamma.TV and author of The $1000 Project. She is passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering every individual to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in their lives. On her channel, she shares bite-sized tips on how to get out of debt, save money, achieve financial goals and build long-term passive income. SugarMamma.TV is a powerful movement making money and finance more approachable, energetic and enlightening.

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I Am Building Financial Independence & Standing Up For 1000 Girls

Round 5 of The $1000 Project is back! Kick starting of The International Day of The girl! So far I have invested $96,000, borrowed $50,000 (prepaid my interest) and the portfolio is worth over $165,000 with a gross passive income of $7,500 p.a., net $5,000 p.a. The net passive income will go to World Vision’s 1000 Girl Project

Capsule Wardrobe Spring Classics

These are our favourite trans seasonal pieces that we love wearing, especially as it slowly starts to warm up. These are some of key foundations to our wardrobes which we love, value use and appreciate.

What Minimalism Means To Me

What minimalism means to me is efficiency, work life balance & time & space for myself and with my loved ones. How I’ve achieved this is every aspect of my life be it from mental health, physical health, food, fashion & even my content creation. At the start of the year, I found a quote in a book, “Less but better.”. This quote resonated with me deeply, and I started to apply it to many areas of my life.

Why You Need To Budget

Want to get better with your money? It is essential that you have a budget. Even wealthy people have a budget, how do you think they stay wealthy? How do you budget? Well it is really easy to do and once you have done it you feel a great sense of clarity understanding what it costs to live.

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