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Canna is a financial planner, YouTube personality on SugarMamma.TV and author of The $1000 Project. She is passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering every individual to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in their lives. On her channel, she shares bite-sized tips on how to get out of debt, save money, achieve financial goals and build long-term passive income. SugarMamma.TV is a powerful movement making money and finance more approachable, energetic and enlightening.

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How To Marie Kondo & Apply Minimalism To Your Money & Finances For Greater Abundance

In my recent “Marie Kondo Your Finances” video, you guys absolutely loved it, and I had so many more hacks, tips and tricks to share with you. I am actually thinking of writing a book about this, so let me know if you like this idea? Minimalism and simplicity is the key!

Tidy up With Me & Get My Life In Order

Join me as I Marie Kondo – declutter and tidy up to the max, in preparation of baby Apple arriving in 7 weeks. The primitive nesting has begun! Hopefully this inspires you or even motivates you to do this for yourself as I feel so much more in control, prepared and organised now. Minimising the clutter in my house takes so much stress away and makes it feel like my life is totally in order.

Create & Build Financial Freedom Through Mindful Money - Peek inside my new BOOK!

I have been working on this book for almost 18 months and there is so much content, ideas, strategies all of which are easy to follow. You will be writing in this book your personal ideas, triggers and goals, so this is like a financial diary to gain success but best of all, create powerful awareness and mindfulness where you go from strength to strength.

How To Save & Budget For A Baby Part 2- My Most Valuable Financial Advice

Part 2 of my best tips for financially planning and preparing for a baby. Watch part 1 on how to save & budget for a baby!

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Money Mantras

Do you have a money mantra? Something that you can repeat in your mind to help keep you focused, centred and calm, but with an

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From A Tribe Member

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to join Sugarmamma’s Sugar Tribe, here’s a letter from one of our tribe members about her experience and

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