The $ugar Tribe

Together, we can share our triumphs and roadblocks to achieving financial success and you will get to ask me anything and everything about my life, my financial expertise and my go-to money saving tips.

What Is It?

THE $UGAR TRIBE is an exclusive online community, located as a secret group on Facebook. It is a 12-month membership subscription, which gives you full access to  exclusive $ugar Tribe content and access to a community of like-minded tribe members.

Membership Benefits

Direct contact with Canna to ask questions, share ideas and find answers to your financial dilemmas.

Access to a community of like-minded individuals to share your financial advice, challenges and stories.

Regular vlogs on The $1000 Project with snapshots of the SugarMamma investment portfolio.
Two exclusive Facebook LIVE videos each week.

Be the first to hear Canna’s podcast interviews.

Receive 30% off one-on-one Skype consultations with Canna.
Priority for Youtube video requests.

Annual Subscription


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