Needed to hear this, am 19 and 5 months pregnant. Just finished up a full time job and am currently working part time as a shop assistant. Have a lot of money just sitting in my bank that could be growing like you just explained, thank you XX

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I wish you lived in France so i could be your client.I would so love to have your help!At least I learn a lot from your videos so thank you!


Thank you for sharing your story with us Sugar Mamma!! You are such an inspiration xx

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Wow the full package, smart, beautiful AND down to earth. Will you marry me LOL

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ValΓ©rieL'encre rose


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Fashion Fixation

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Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. Youtube indeed is an excellent platform for your message and you are a very positive and empowering role model for us gals. I started following you on Instagram early this year and only just started watching your video this weekend. You're videos have already motivated me to set a rather sizable savings goal for this financial year and Im very grateful. Ill be contacting your office to arrange a consultation in the near future. Thanks again.

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Donna Mantellato


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