This sixtieth $1,000 came from a couple of healthy sources. 1 being coupon codes, I was able to find some great coupon codes that gave me 10% discounts on some big ticket items…(okay, busted, I bought a few pairs of shoes!), plus I was able to claim the GST on them when I went on holiday. It amazes me how so many people don’t know about claiming the GST on items purchased within 60 days before leaving the country! Or some people know about it but cannot be bothered.

For me, it is one of my first priorities after checking in. And the queues actually move really quickly. So going to the GST office at Sydney airport and collecting $260 was well worth it! Also, I sold an old Louis Vuitton clutch on High End for $400. It took a lot of time to come around to selling this purse, however I am really trying to take my passion of minimalism to another level and had to be really honest with myself as to how much I really use it and was it really practical for my lifestyle. After being so indecisive for so long, I realised that I couldn’t remember when I lasted used it and that the clutch was really too small for me (it could only fit my phone and a few cards, plus some lipstick)…so after waiting for a few months to sell it, it went to a lovely lady from Melbourne who collects LV bags.

I also had a few lunches at home and some left over money from the previous $1,000 – which helped get me over the $1,000 mark. This money was again invested in Milton – a listed investment company. So my estimated passive income is $3,050 and I am 76.25% of the way to achieving my ultimate goal. The official deadline is the 5th of October, however as The $1,000 Project is about setting your own rules, I am contemplating extending the deadline to the 5th of November as I feel that that extra month will make a big difference in achieving my goal. I haven’t officially decided yet, but I will keep you posted.


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