Misencil Lashes

Saying that the makeup and cosmetics market these days is completely saturated is, a bit of an understatement. If you search one word, for example, blush, into Google, your page will return with hundreds of results. Sometimes, it can be very daunting for those who are not entirely accustomed to understanding what the newest trends in beauty are or what contouring, sculpting or strobing is.

This has been mentioned numerous times in previous articles because we understand and have all been through that overwhelming feeling when you walk into a department store, feeling very much out of your depth. That is why, we have brought you this beauty segment – the products we talk about in this section are our much loved and tested beauty staples.

However, the occasional new product are sometimes stumbled upon and may sometimes be added into our cosmetic arsenal. One such product is an international brand called Misencil.

Misencil has a range of different lash products, starting from eyelash protectant and extensions to eye contour gel, which helps with cell renewal around the eyes. However, the biggest discovery, would have to be the collection of mascaras they carry!

The secret defining factor of the mascaras lie in the shape of the brush – Glam has the typically U – shaped brush while Lux has a uniquely weird conical shaped brush. However, upon application, the drama to the eyes is amplified! Lux certainly lives up to is name – the eyelashes after application are a lot fuller, voluminous and thicker.

With the conical brush, it allows the mascara to thoroughly coat the lashes with one application. The difference is definitely noticeable after the first application! If you are looking for a great product to give your eyes the lift and additional sultry drama, Lux is unquestionably a mascara to consider investing in!

Em x

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