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The $ugar Tribe

It's here! $ugar Tribe is an exciting online community, where members get exclusive access to Canna and her specialised content in one place. Together, we can share our triumphs and road blocks to achieving financial success and you will get to ask me anything and everything about my life, my financial expertise and my go-to money saving tips.


What is it?

$ugar Tribe is an exclusive online community, located as a secret group on Facebook. It is a 12-month membership subscription, which gives you full access to the community and the $ugar Tribe content.

What you get:

  • Live contact with Canna through an exclusive Facebook LIVE video each week.
  • Monthly video on the $1000 project with snapshots of the SugarMamma investment portfolio.
  • Request priority for Youtube videos
  • Direct contact with the community and with Canna to ask questions, share ideas and inspirations with each other.


How much does it cost to become a member?

For a 1 year subscription, it costs AUD $180 ($15 per month).

However, for the first 30 days I am offering it to new members for AUD $150!


How to sign up;

Step 1 - head to ____paypal____ to pay the membership fee

Step 2 - send an email with your receipt to

That's it! Once we receive your email, you will be officially added to the $ugar Tribe.




I look forward to meeting you all!



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