Keepsake Candles

A beautifully scented candle helps make any home a welcoming one. Sitting chic on a coffee table, on a desk or bedside table, there is something so tranquil and harmonious, as well as that special finishing touch to your perfect surface decoration.

When my beautiful candles get close to running out, sadness kicks in as I avoid burning them as often to hold onto and treasure their last burning moments. There are so many beautiful candles out there, it almost feels like blasphemy throwing the holders out when the flame has died.

Then a very stylish friend of my pointed out that my passion for these candles can be “rekindled” by using the stunning candle containers for other purposes. Now I use them as vases to hold flowers, store and organise my make up plus I still get the same level of enjoyment and appreciation for them from when they were burning by my side.


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