At the SugarMamma Head Office, our mantra is only buy what you use, appreciate and love.

This affirmation has not only saved the lives of hundreds of unworn clothes that would still be hanging in the deep dark shadows of our closets, still bearing the price tags probably, but it has also given us a greater sense of value and connection to ourselves, as well as general happiness.

With owning less stuff, comes not only more left over money in our pocket, more time but a lot less pressure.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to go without everything.

Start making your purchases more conscious ones. Ask yourself honest questions about what you are buying and why and try and get multiple uses out of your purchases.

This philosophy has inspired us to share with you our minimalism wardrobe capsule collections, that can help maximise your wardrobe usage whilst minimising financial wastage.

Here we show you how to use what you already may own and “tweak” to create different looks for different seasons and events.

Also, you can watch SugarMamma’s Conscious Shopping Playlist here….


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