Buy less and buy well

In my last post I talked about the cost of fast fashion and the retailers’ model of making clothes trendy, cheap and disposable so that they are soon discarded for newer purchases. In this post I’ll talk about how by buying better you can buy less (and in the long run save money).

There is no denying the lure of cheap clothing – it’s easy to fall into the honey trap of fast fashion when a blouse basically costs the same as lunch. However, to make these clothes so cheap, they are often made out of low quality fabric that can fall apart after only a few wears and washes; quality control is also fairly low on the priority scale as these clothes are made quickly and in bulk to ship them to the stores so they can fulfill the fast turnover of stock (this horror story comes to mind). Fast fashion is also heavily trend driven – they follow runways closely and then replicate high-end designers’ looks at a fraction of the cost. However, who is to say that a trend will still be popular in a couple of months?

Rather than continually buying low quality clothing, shoes and accessories, it’s worth considering spending a bit more on high-quality items that last. These items tend to be made of higher quality fabric, have a better fit, and because you’ve paid more for it you tend to take care of it better. As a result, these clothes last longer, and hopefully reduce the need to constantly replace or update your wardrobe. At the risk of sounding a like a broken record, with any purchase you make be sure that what you do buy works with your existing wardrobe and your style – if you don’t end up wearing it, it’s still a waste of money, even if it’s a designer piece.

Of course, not everyone can afford designer items, so look at high-street brands that have better quality items compared to their fast fashion counterparts. And don’t forget buying second hand – check out sites like eBay, or apps like Shedd or Carousell, to find high quality designer pieces at discounted prices.

Wondering what brands and labels we love at the Sugarmamma office? Here’s a list below of both good quality high street brands and designer labels, with some tips on what you can buy from them.

  • Witchery (basics, some trend based items that work for more than one season)
  • Country Road (basics)
  • Seed Heritage (basics, some trend based items that work for more than one season)
  • Scanlan Theodore (dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses – great for work)
  • Bassike (t-shirts, tank tops, dresses)
  • Zimmermann (dresses, blouses)
  • Rag and Bone (jeans)
  • J Brand (jeans)

Check out Canna’s videos below for more tips on buying well!

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