Bending The Rules For Imprinting & Investing

If you hadn’t noticed the splashes of orange, black, cobwebs and a few scary looking kids, this week was Halloween. Rocco’s favourite day of the year, even surpassing Christmas. If I allowed it, Rocco would have our house decorated with sculls and pumpkins all year round.

Seeing the excitement, anticipation, planning and preparation that Rocco goes through in the build up towards this day, I have to put aside my anxiety around new clutter entering our home, new cheap made plastic decorations adding to the collection, filling up valuable space that I previously created. I have to forgo my “capsule wardrobe” rules and regulations as I buy another polyester outfit for Rocco, looking at the previous ones that he refuses to part with. I have to create room in our grocery budget for kilos of chocolates and lollies for our local trickle treaters.

How is a minimalistic to cope with this? Open arms and looking beyond the stuff. This is memories, the building blocks of a happy childhood that will hopefully help Rocco continue to grow into a kind, happy, caring and thoughtful adult that adds great value to the world.

So what did I do? Dived straight in and embraced it.

I sat with Rocco in my lap inspecting all the different costumes online and let him pick the one he loved the most, I even bought an outfit for myself. I gave Rocco a budget as to how many new decorations he could choose in the shops to add to our collection and I let him pick the lollies to give out to the kids.

The week before I watched him proudly decorate the house, carefully placing the skeletons in our front yard, I watched him analyse the new decorations in the store – pondering which ones would work best and be the scariest. I watched him prepare all the lollies so that the kids got the perfect mix of sour lollies, to gummies, to boiled lollies. And best of all I watched his face light up as he proudly stood with me in our halloween outfits.

One of my best motherhood moments.

Together with our closest friends, we walked the streets trickle treating, kids running wild but having the time of their lives, Rocco bursting with excitement and joy as people commented on his blue alien outfit, collecting more lollies and inspired by the amazing effort that everyone else went to.

To me, this is building and investing in memories, understanding when I need to put aside my self imposed rules and embrace the stuff as it forms valuable moments, where Rocco will look back fondly with a smile and remember these times and do the same for his children, embraced with open arms and enthusiasm.

So as Rocco’s sugar high wears off and he finally falls asleep, I will attempt to quietly pack away the Halloween decorations, find some space somewhere for the new clutter and feel at peace that this moment was okay to bend the rules. Imprinting and investing happy healthy memories, even with stuff.



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