Sugar Budget

Bring your budget and financial plans with you in your pocket! Download your very own Sugar Budget and stay in control of your finances on the go. 


Budget Manager

Use the budget manager to enter your income & expenses (mortgage payments, car loans & credit card repayments). Your surplus/deficit will be automatically calculated.


Set reminders to save up for those large quarterly, bi-annual and annual bills (that can sometimes catch us by surprise).

Tips & Tricks

Access all SugarMamma videos to learn the tips & tricks of managing your finances and investing.

Your Forcast

The forcast will give you a macro visual representation of your cash flow from income, monthly expenses, miscellaneous expenses and savings.

Financial Events Calendar

Use the financial calendar to add upcoming expenses such as birthday presents, wedding gifts, Christmas shopping and more.

Banking Instructions

Instructions on how much to spend, how much to save and how much to put aside for your dreams and goals.

"Sugar Budget not only makes budgeting quick, easy and fun, it also empowers you to think about your goals, both personal and financial, such as paying off credit card debt, saving for a holiday or even saving for your first home. This app will get you back in control, stay in control and inspire you to have a healthier relationship with your hard earned cash and personal finances."
Canna Campbell
Founder of SugarMamma.TV

"I love that this app lets me know how much money to allocate to each of my accounts on a monthly basis. Great user experience and beautifully designed!"

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