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Pretty Patience Pays

Is it just me or are there so many pretty dresses in the shops at the moment? On Sunday I did something that I have been wanting to do for ages, which......

Pennies & Partners

The last 3 months Tom has been running back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne treating some of Australia's most famous racehorses. He is incredib......


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This $1000 felt like an eternity to create. It was so frustrating but I didn't take my eye off the ball. I adjusted my mindset and started focusing on......

Long term investing in beauty and youth

Many people ask me what my personal investment strategy is, and my answer is always the same, long-term buy and hold quality investments. Even if some......

5 Financial Habits All Students Should Follow!

I am 19 year old university student, have $20,000 saved in the bank and am just about to start my first investment portfolio. As a young person, it is......


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